The sound, visuals and lighting effects bring an event to life. Through the use of the latest technology the AV team are able to transform an event into a visual masterpiece.


Conference and Events

Big Purple Productions have all the necessary expertise to help you to create unique, exciting and vibrant conferences and events.


LED Video Wall

Big Purple Productions now has a new 3.9mm LED Video Wall to hire.  The LED Video Wall is a series of panels that can be assembled to build walls of any size and formation for events such as conferences, awards and exhibitions.  The wall is extremely bright and ideal for naturally lit areas, or tight rooms were projection is not an option.


Video Mapping

Here at Big Purple Productions we love an interesting project.  Most recently with an upgrade of our video servers we are able to offer Video Mapping services.


Video Production

New to 2019, we now have our own in house Video Department. We can offer anything from live camera and streaming on events, to corporate and charity videos. We even have our own green screen studio!


Microphone Balls

The BIG MIC BALL is an innovative and effective microphone. A foam ball that houses a microphone, making Q&A sessions at events, seminars and conferences a fun and easy process.