Raych McKay – Director
Raych who has been with the company since the beginning, started out as a junior technician and quickly cemented herself as a crucial member of the team. Her hard work and dedication soon helped her in reaching full technician status. Raych, now a director, brings her own unique style which helps when designing the sets and presentations for clients. Her concepts and showreels make each client’s event stand out.

FF: Raych used to play for Newcastle United Women.

Sam Gordon – Director
With over ten years’ experience in the AV industry, Sam has worked with many companies across the UK and has gained the necessary skills to help plan, create and deliver extraordinary shows and events. Sam’s role as Director involves client management through to stage production. Using his vast knowledge and experience, Sam uses the latest technology to produce sound, lighting and visual effects that make your events stand out from the rest.

FF: An avid Star Wars fan, Sam has met both Luke and Leia (Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher).

Neil White – Head of Sound
Neil started his career in sound as a guitar tech for Guns n Roses. He then toured with Metallica, Public Enemy and Motley Crue to name just a few. He then decided to give up his rock and roll lifestyle and became an Instructor of Sound at the local college. With a PhD in acoustics, Neil heads our sound department and most of you will see him on your event operating one of our vast amount of digital sound desks.

FF: Brian Johnson used to be Neil’s window cleaner.

Keiran Frame – Project Manager
Keiran joined the company many years ago as a Junior Technician, and gradually over the years worked his way up to being a fully-fledged technician. After working in every sort of environment he now has the ability to not only operate but also direct a show from start to finish. Being an excellent team player and having a positive attitude to work is essential in the AV industry.

FF: Keiran is related to Rowan Atkinson.

Suzanne Gordon – Office Manager
After years of looking after small children in a reception class, Suzanne has come to Big Purple Productions to look after us big kids. With a background in administration and finances, Suzanne runs the day to day office and keeps a steady ship.

FF: Suzanne was once handed a rose from her childhood crush, Donny Osmond.

Darren Hillary – Technician
Darren started his career in AV over 20 years ago, he is a valued member of the team after only joining in 2021

FF: Darren is an airsoft player in his spare time